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Step 1. 
Measure your cabinet doors & drawers

Before taking measurements, we recommend that all doors and drawers are labeled and organized in a way that each measurement can be correlated to a door or drawer. To get an accurate measurement you must measure the width of the door and the height.

Step 2.
Measure for hinges

To figure out what type of hinges are needed for your cabinet doors you must first take the measurement of the width of the door and also the width of the opening on the cabinet box. Input these measurements here (in decimal form- a conversion chart is below to view) and the outcome is the measurement hinge you will need.


Step 3. 
Place your order online

When all measurements and information have been completed, you are now ready to place your order. Our ordering system can be access here, or through any "order now" buttons throughout the website. Here is also a tutorial on how to navigate and place and order.

Step 4. 
Prep and paint your cabinet face frame

To make your kitchen ready for nuDoors our face frame kit has all of the necessary supplies. Begin by prepping and painting your cabinet boxes with our step by step tutorial 

Step 5.
Install nuDoors

With the proper tools, nuDoors can be very simple to install. We recommend having the Kreg Cabinet Door Mounting Jig and the Drawer Front Mounting Jig.

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