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  • What is nuDoors?
    nuDoors is a replacement cabinet door manufacturer in West Berlin, New Jersey. We are dedicated to manufacturing the best quality cabinet doors for our customers and strive to make our customers satisfied.
  • What are nuDoors made of?
    All of the nuDoors products are made from 3/4" HDF. HDF is commonly known as high density fiberboard. This material versus traditional wood is much more sustainable and has plenty of benefits, like no bridging, moisture resistant and much more. Using this HDF also allows for single piece doors to be made, which are nothing like the usual 5 piece cabinet doors in most homes.
  • What is the price per door?
    nuDoors conducts all of the pricing by square footage. With this being said, every door is going to cost different from the next if the measurements are different. Below are 2 examples of how the pricing is calculated. 24" x 36" is $120 if purchased unfinished 18" x 9" is $22.50 if purchased unfinished Both of these calculations were based off of $20.00 per square foot.
  • Is it cheaper to replace cabinet doors versus painting them?
    Replacing cabinet doors with nuDoors is a much simpler way of updating your kitchen, bathroom, or space. Cabinets are subject to grime, expansion, cracking and so much more. Which makes it difficult to clean, prep, paint and have a beautiful outcome when the cabinets are refinished. Not to mention, the cleaning products, the labor, the contractor, the paint and all materials that need to be used can become costly. This is why nuDoors makes our replacement doors simply enough that the everyday homeowner can complete this job themselves and ultimately save time and money!
  • Can I visit the nuDoors facility?
    Yes, we welcome any and all of our customers to stop by our facility in West Berlin, New Jersey. Have a question or even want to see some of our products in person? Come stop by! 245 Old Egg Harbor Road, West Berlin, NJ 08091
  • Does nuDoors staff come to customers homes?
    nuDoors primarily manufactures replacement cabinet doors. Our company is not responsible for coming to customers homes and quoting or giving advice like a contractor. We can however, gather your information and location and send out an alert to contractors that purchase doors through us to see if they are interested. Those who are interested in working with you will be emailed to you with their contact information. From here, it is your responsibility to contact the contractors further. If this is something you are interested in, please email us at with your zip code and what you are looking to get done. We hold no liability to the contractors that we referred.
  • How accurate are the doors to the sizes that are inputted?
    Here at nuDoors our machinery has the ability to exactly match the measurement needed down to the 1/100". This allows for our doors to be extremely accurate to what your needs are.
  • Can I return my order?
    nuDoors does not allow returns. This is because all of our products are custom made to fit your desired measurements and cannot be used elsewhere.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    The only way that an order can be cancelled is if it has not begun production yet. To know if your order has started production please reach out to or call the office at (609) 925-9959 Ext. 1 However, if your order has begun production and you would like to cancel it, nuDoors can stop production, we are just unable to refund the order.
  • What is the refund policy?
    No refunds are dispersed on custom orders. The information submitted is expected to be looked over and double checked by the customer to ensure that everything is correctly inputted. For more detailed information on the refund policy, please visit the shipping & policy page.
  • How do I measure my existing cabinet doors?
    It can be extremely common for there to be mistakes when gathering measurements of existing cabinet doors. To make sure that this does not happen during your ordering process, we recommend watching our video, "How to measure your current doors to ensure a perfect match." Here is the video,
  • What is an overlay?
    Overlays which are sometimes referred to as reveals are the amount to which the doors extend over the face frame of the cabinet. The most common overlay is 1/2", which means that the doors is covering a 1/2" on each side of the actual cabinet box. If you need help on measuring overlays, please refer to our videos with step by step instructions on how to measure an overlay.
  • How do I measure for an overlay?
    Measuring your cabinet doors for an overlay is a bit tricky. There are certain precautions to take when making sure it is being measured accurately. We recommend watching our video, "A Guide: to Checking Your Overlay." Here is the video,
  • How do I measure for a 1/2" overlay?
    Measuring for an overlay is tricky but will become more easy with practice. A 1/2" overlay is when the cabinet door is covering a 1/2" of the face frame once attached. If there is a 1/2" overlay, then we recommend purchasing the 1/2" overlay hinges as well if they are needed. We also recommend watching out video, "How to measure for a 1/2" overlay." Here is the video,
  • How do I measure a full overlay on my cabinet doors?
    Full overlays can be hard especially when it is done for the first time. A full overlay allows for the doors to seamlessly be attached without the actual face frame showing. We recommend watching our video, "How to measure for a full overlay kitchen cabinet." Here is the video,
  • How do I measure and order a lazy susan?
    At nuDoors we automatically make lazy susans to be like the picture provided below. This style of a lazy susan is commonly known as a "butt lazy susan." This is when one of the doors is extended 3/4" and the smaller door ultimately butts up against this space. This kind of lazy susan is typically attached to a carousel. The profile on the wider door will be tailored so that the 3/4" increase does not mess with the exposed part of the door. For measuring purposes we recommend taking the measurement of both doors. If this cannot be done, we advise taking the measurement of the longest doors and inputting this as both of the dimensions. On the ordering system there is a drop down that allows for you to mark what doors are lazy susans within the order.
  • How to measure a double opening?
    Double openings on cabinets is not an extremely common scenario. Below is a video linked to show how to proper measure a double opening cabinet. Here is the video,
  • How do I convert my measurements from fractions to decimals?
    This is something that a lot of our customers tend on having difficulty with. In order to create a decimal from a fraction, you divide the numerator (the number on top) by the denominator (the number on bottom). For example, 26 7/8, you will divide 7 by 8 and get .875 which will make this measurement 26.875. 18 3/4, you will divide 3/4 and get .75 which will make this measurement 18.75.
  • What are stile and rails?
    The stiles are the vertical components that are raised on the sides of the door. The rails are the horizontal components that are raised on the top and bottom of the doors.
  • What happens to the stiles & rails on drawer fronts?
    By default, nuDoors will make the rails half the size of the stiles on drawer fronts. This is because the drawers have a much smaller height resulting in less surface for the profile to compliment the size. Splitting the size of the stiles will allow for the doors and drawers to have a more seamless match. If you would like for this not to happen, please input the measurements as a door so the stiles and rails will stay the same.
  • How can I order nuDoors?
    Our ordering process is done through a website called In order to create and purchase an order, you must first create an account. This can be done by selecting the link above or navigating under any of the products in the catalog and selecting the "order now through Allmoxy" button.
  • How do I use the ordering system?
    The ordering system we have in place can be a bit difficult to navigate upon first use. Below is a video to help walk you through creating an account and creating your first order with nuDoors. If you have additional questions or need more help, please feel free to give us a call at (609) 925-9959.
  • What happens if I made a mistake on my order?
    If you notice that you had entered the wrong information immediately after placing the order, reach out to or call (609) 925-9959 as soon as possible. Correcting the error should be done almost immediately to ensure it is fixed and not already in production. If the order has already begun production, there is no way to change information as the order is cut as soon as the status reaches verified and is looked over by our team.
  • How do the measurements have to be inputted?
    We recommend that the height and width are both inputted as decimals. Our system will automatically convert fractions if they are inputted but to remain clear of system errors we advise converting your fractions to decimals before creating an order. Below is a conversion chart that can be utilized to do so.
  • The ordering system is not letting me proceed to submit and pay. What do I do?
    Some of the most common reasons as to why the ordering system may pause the ability to submit and pay is that the addresses are not inputted, there is no name, and a product is inputted wrong. Please make sure that both billing and shipping addresses are saved and updated in your profile before attempting to place an order. If this is all correct, please make that there is an order name in the black task bar to the right. This name can be anything, it is just for the purpose of keeping tabs on multiple orders and is a required field. Also, make sure that all products are being inputted properly. This means if the measurement is not accepted, change the measurement to what is appropriate and so forth. Anything that is missed when attempting to place an order should pop up red and alert you with what actions need to be taken. If you need additional help with our order system, please call us at (609) 925-9959.
  • Why am I getting an error that my measurement is not accepted?
    Some of the profiles of our doors are not to go below our minimum dimension, same for not exceeding the maximum dimension. These measurements are all configured through our machines which means we have no power in changing these dimensions. If you are having issues with inputting measurements online, please reach out to us at (609) 925-9959.
  • Do you add center rails on doors over a certain height?
    We do not automatically add center rails to any of our doors. If you would like a center rail on any of the doors that are ordered, please specify in the comments section which ID # is needed to have a center rail.
  • Can I choose if my doors are unfinished, primed, or painted?
    nuDoors has the option for all products to come in either unfinished, primed, or painted. This can utilized with the drop down feature labeled "finish option" under any of the products on
  • Can I get any of the profiles painted?
    Most of our profiles here at nuDoors are offered to be painted. The only profiles that we do not paint in our facility are raised panel, beaded, and stepped. These 3 profiles can be purchased either unfinished or primed. You can also purchase the paint that we use at nuDoors to finish the doors as well.
  • Can I get my doors painted a custom color?
    Yes. The only color nuDoors has in stock is white. Any color other than our stock white is considered to be a custom color. When choosing a finish option on the doors and drawers, select "custom color." This will charge for the painted price of our products. You must also add the "custom color" product to your order and input the color name and code. The custom color product is $200. If you have a color that you need assistance from nuDoors on, please reach out via email to with details of the color and or questions you may have.
  • Can I order paint from nuDoors?
    Yes, nuDoors sells General Finishes and Enduro paint products online at We have a selection of primers and paints, with the paints having an option of being tinted to the color that you desire. If you have questions regarding our paint, please reach out to or give us a call at (609) 925-9959.
  • Can I stain nuDoors?
    Our paint grade doors do not have the ability to be stained. We do however offer 2 styles of veneer doors that can be stained. We have white oak and black walnut, both of which can be purchased unfinished (for staining) or clear coated.
  • Does nuDoors supply the glass for glass ready doors?
    nuDoors unfortunately does not supply the glass. On the glass ready door page, there is a note stating that the glass is not included in the purchase. The glass ready doors are manufactured with a cut out and a lip on the inside edge to allow the glass to be inserted.
  • Do you offer glass ready doors in other profiles?
    nuDoors offers glass ready doors in shaker profiles. If you would like a profile other than the traditional shakers provided, please give us a call at (609) 925-9959 and we will more than happy to help. If the profile you are inquiring about can be done, we will walk you through the steps of ordering.
  • What is hinge boring?
    Hinge boring is the holes drilled to fit the hinges. The standard location on the doors that nuDoors does the hinge boring is 5/32" from the outside edge and 3" from center to the top and or bottom of the doors. The hinge boring is always done on the height side of the doors. There is an image linked to show exactly where this is placed. Please note that this drilling pattern is meant to accommodate dowel-insert hinges only.
  • How do I know what hinges I need?
    Hinges all depend on the overlay that your cabinet doors will have. With this being said, the overlay must be determined prior to selecting the hinges to make sure the appropriate one is being selected. If the doors have a 3/4" overlay on the face frame, you would use the 3/4" overlay hinges. The overlay measurement is the measurement the hinge should be.
  • How do I order my doors if I have outside hinges now but would like concealed hinges?
    Measuring and ordering the doors will be the same process as usual. You would just purchase the hinges that compliment the given overlay on the door. So if the door is covering a 1/2" of the cabinet box then you would purchase the 1/2" overlay hinges. nuDoors offers the hinge boring on the doors as well. The only difference with the process is that the holes on the face frame would have been filled and properly hidden because the hinges will now be attached to the inside of the cabinet.
  • What if I want the stiles and rails to be different sizes?
    If you have a door that requires (example) the stiles to be 2" and the rails to be 1.75", you would input this door as a custom door. In this you will input the height, width, quantity, and the width of all of the stiles and rails separately. There is an option on there to add horizontal or vertical stiles and rails (not very common) and if you prefer to not have these, leave the boxes blank or input 0.
  • Does nuDoors make thermofoil doors?
    nuDoors does not make thermofoil doors. Our doors are 1 piece and are made out of HDF.
  • Can I order IKEA doors?
    Yes, nuDoors can work with IKEA and manufacture doors as well. Any order that is referring to IKEA doors must be inquired through phone at (609) 925-9959 and email at This way we ensure that any and all details are being taken into account.
  • Can I order nuDoors samples?
    nuDoors offers a variety of samples for both homeowners and contractors. Interested in what our doors would look like in your kitchen? Or want to be able to show off nuDoors to your customers? Navigate to the "Samples & Display Kits" on and select from our wide range of profiles and products to order a sample today. At this present time, nuDoors is not engraving samples for contractors. We hope and plan to do so in the future again!
  • Can you replicate my doors?
    If you want replacement doors that match your existing cabinets, we ask that images of the door be sent to or if you are local, stop by the shop with one of the doors. There is always a chance that we can replicate doors or at least find a profile that is almost identical. There are times when we do not have the necessary equipment to be able do so though. With this being said, we could always purchase the materials needed, but this cost would be included into the price for the doors being replicated and can be a bit pricey. If you have any questions or would like to see if nuDoors can replicate your doors, please reach out!
  • What if I have a custom shaped door?
    Any and all inquiries about custom shaped doors are to be sent to We ask that an image or reference is sent as well so we can see what exactly needs to be done. This type of inquiry could be for under the stair doors, like pictured or doors that are not the typically square.
  • Do you sell toe kicks, filler strips or end panels?
    nuDoors offers all of these products. Toe kicks, filler strips and end panels can all be found online at If you are having problems ordering these products, please give us a call at (609) 925-9959.
  • Can I order cabinet boxes or drawer boxes?
    nuDoors unfortunately does not offer cabinet boxes or drawer boxes to be sold or purchased. nuDoors is solely designed to manufacture replacement cabinet doors.
  • Do you offer anything to finish the cabinet boxes?
    Yes, we do. nuDoors recently has just created our face frame kit, designed to help complete your cabinet renovation. In this face frame kit there is all of the essentials from rollers, rolling trays, Krud Kutter, trash bags, to even a gallon of matching paint and a quart of stain blocker primer. This kit is available for $299 online at under the "Kits" category.
  • Do you have anything for contractors and businesses to put in their showrooms?
    Yes, nuDoors has quite a few options for displaying our products. We have the traditional samples which can be purchased unfinished, primed, or painted. We also have the Table Top Display which is a display with 3 different profiles of our doors, stepped, raised panel, and shaker, with each of them a different finish. The display is perfect for any and all showrooms. We also have a Door Display Rack which is available in 3 different options. You can purchase the rack only, the rack with 7 profiles of doors, and 2 racks with all of our profiles. All of these products can be viewed and purchased online at
  • Does nuDoors sell any other products?
    Yes, nuDoors sells a wide range of products besides the cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We sell all of the cabinet accessories like end panels, toe kicks, filler strips, hinges, screws, bits and bumpers and more. But, we also have a products from brands like Kreg, Big Kid Blocks, SurfPrep, General Finishes/ Enduro, Shurtape, and more. These products include sanding materials, painting materials, and anything you may need to complete your job with nuDoors. Check out our selection of products at under the "Supplies & Equipment" category.
  • What payment options are available?
    nuDoors ordering system, only allows for the use of credit or debit transactions. We unfortunately cannot accept other forms of payment or financing options at this time.
  • What are the edges on nuDoors like?
    All custom made products like door and drawer fronts are sanded on the edges to create a 1/16" roundover. If you would like anything other than the traditional 1/16" roundover, please specify in the comments of your order and we can try to make that happen for you.
  • What is the lead time on nuDoors?
    There are many factors that are accounted for during the manufacturing time. Generally our time frame depends on the finish type of the door and the profile. For unfinished and primed orders, it approximately takes 5-7 business days (Not including the day ordered) for production (excludes shipping). For painted orders, it approximately 8 weeks (Not including the day ordered) for production (excludes shipping). Shipping typically takes 1-7 business days but is solely the responsibility of FedEx. nuDoors has no control over shipping time frames. All of these time frames are estimates and do not take into account how many orders are being produced at the given time or uncertainties.
  • Can I pick up my order?
    nuDoors offers both shipping orders to your doorstep or business and local in store pickup. If you are local and willing to pick up your order, you will save both time and money due to shipping costs. When placing an order, select "In Store Pick Up" under the shipping method if this is your desired method. nuDoors will notify you via email when the doors are ready to be picked up. nuDoors facility address is 245 Old Egg Harbor Road, West Berlin, NJ 08091. Pick up hours are as follows: Monday- Friday: 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. Saturday & Sunday: Closed
  • How are nuDoors shipped?
    nuDoors ships all of our products through FedEx Ground shipping. All products are packaged in boxes with both foam and packing paper to protect all corners and faces of the doors from potential damage. If there is damage due to the shipping process, please reach out to and provide details and images of the damage.
  • Where does nuDoors ship?
    nuDoors ships to all of the United States and Canada.
  • Am I billed the duties & taxes to ship to Canada?
    Yes, duties and taxes will get billed to you once the order is received and paid for. Our website only bills for the order itself and the shipping costs, not the duties and taxes if applicable. So, nuDoors will get the estimate on duties and taxes from and will email an invoice to be paid. This email will be from Spayce Integrated LLC.
  • What incurs an additional shipping charge?
    If any of our products exceed 60" in either height or width, there may be an additional invoice billed to your account email address. Through our software, the shipping is calculated via FedEx, but, with larger items and heavier weights, this can cause the shipping estimate to be off. Once the order is packed and inputted into we often have to bill the recipient the difference in the actual shipping charge versus what was billed online. This invoice must be paid prior to the packages being shipped. There is also a warning note online that is shown when measurements exceed 60".
  • What happens if my order was damaged in shipping?
    If your order was subject to damage from shipping, we ask that we receive an email with images showing the damage. With this we can refund or remake the products that were damaged. We must have the image proof of damage before proceeding with a remake or refund.
  • How is shipping calculated?
    nuDoors utilizes Allmoxy's FedEx integration for shipping. As items are inputted into the order, the shipping will pull rates from FedEx. The shipping is solely based on the quantity of items and weight of the order. With that being said, there can be issues with calculating the shipping appropriately. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the shipping prices online please feel free to reach out!
  • How do I install my nuDoors?
    If this is your first time attempting to install nuDoors, you want to make sure you are doing it correctly. The process is actually a lot more simple than you may think. We recommend watching our video, "Swap out your cabinet doors with nuDoors." Here is the video,
  • How do I install nuDoors drawer fronts?
    Installing nuDoors drawer fronts are similar to installing our doors. Below is a video linked to show how we recommend attaching drawer fronts to your drawer boxes. If there are any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to nuDoors at (609) 925-9959.
  • What is recommended to install nuDoors?
    We recommend that hinges and screws are purchased before attempting to install nuDoors. We sell a variety of overlay hinges online as well as the screws needed to attach the hinge to the door and attach the hinge to the face frame. All of these products are located under the "Hinges & Hardware" category on
  • Is there tools that can help me install nuDoors?
    Kreg jigs are the most useful tools when installing nuDoors. We sell the following jigs from Kreg: Cabinet Door Mounting Jig Classic 3" Face Clamp Drawer Front Mounting System Concealed Hinge Jig All of these products can make installing our cabinet doors and drawers just that much easier!
  • How do I match my cabinet frames and box to my nuDoors?
    nuDoors recommends that you purchase the matching paint from the doors for the cabinet boxes. We sell gallons of the color of your choice online through either "matching paint" or under the paint and primer section. When the order is received, we ship out the extra paint purchased within a day or two, separate from the doors and drawers. This way the boxes can be painted prior to the doors being installed. All of our paint products are 10% sheen.
  • Are the doors numbered or labeled?
    Unfortunately nuDoors does not number or label any of the doors. The best way to reference which door is what is to measure each door and check with the parts list that was in the order confirmation email.
  • What primer and paint is used on nuDoors products?
    If your doors and drawers are selected to be either primed or painted, nuDoors uses Enduro products. For the priming process we use Enduro Professional Water-Based White Undercoat, which can also be purchased separately. For the painting process we use both the Enduro Professional Water-Based White Undercoat and then we use the Enduro Water-Based Pro Series Polyurethane as the top coat. Our stock paint color is white but we can do custom colors as well.
  • What is the sheen percentage on the paint nuDoors uses?
    Sheen is the amount of light that reflects from the paint on the surface. All of our paint that we use is 10% sheen.
  • Can you tint paint to my desired color?
    Yes, nuDoors has the ability to tint paint right here in our facility. We can create almost any color that you may need for your cabinets or projects.
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